Vol.47 (2017), No. 2

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Improvement of accuracy of simple methods for design and analysis of a blazed phase grating microstructure
Weimin Wang, Xufeng Jing, Jingyin Zhao, Yinyan Li, Ying Tian
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Compressive optical image encryption using phase-shifting interferometry on a joint transform correlator
Jun Li, Bangwen Jia, Xiaofang Dai, Miao Lei, Chanxia Yang, Jiaosheng Li, Hongbing Li, Rong Li
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Highly nonlinear solitary wave velocity measurement with a modified Michelson interferometer
Ignacio Olivares, Gabriel Riveros, Christian Manriquez, Raúl Labbé, Lautaro Vergara
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Physical and mathematical model of the digital coherent optical spectrum analyzer
V.G. Kolobrodov, G.S. Tymchyk, V.I. Mykytenko, M.S. Kolobrodov
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Ultrashort pulse propagation recording by using the transmission-type light in flight holography
Yupeng Fan, Jingzhen Li, Shuiqin Zheng, Xiaowei Lu, Xiaopin Zhong
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Improved method for phase wraps reduction in profilometry
Guangliang Du, Minmin Wang, Canlin Zhou, Shuchun Si, Hui Li, Zhenkun Lei, Yanjie Li
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Phase and group velocities of surface waves in left-handed material waveguide structures
Sofyan A. Taya, Khitam Y. Elwasife, Ibrahim M. Qadoura
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The impact of shading on solar cell electrical parameters
Barbara Swatowska, Piotr Panek
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