Vol.46 (2016), No. 1

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Astigmatic transformation of Bessel beams in a uniaxial crystal
Svetlana N. Khonina, Vyacheslav D. Paranin, Andrey V. Ustinov, Andrey P. Krasnov
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Analysis of free volumes and light transmission in hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel polymer contact lenses
Agnieszka Kocela, Rafa³ Miedziñski, Katarzyna Filipecka, Jacek Filipecki
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Modification influence on the structural parameters of polymer ophthalmic materials
Kordian Chamerski, Witold Korzekwa, Rafa³ Miedziñski, Jacek Filipecki
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Optical image encryption by using diffractive imaging with special constraint in the input plane
Zhipeng Wang, Hongjuan Wang, Xingqiang Yang, Ping Zhang, Chenxia Hou, Yi Qin
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Analog-based duobinary-4-PAM for electrical bandwidth limited optical fiber links
Lau Frejstup Suhr, Peter Madsen, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Juan Jose Vegas Olmos
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Dark and singular optical solitons with competing nonlocal nonlinearities
Qin Zhou, Lan Liu, Huijuan Zhang, Mohammad Mirzazadeh, Ali H. Bhrawy, Essaid Zerrad, Seithuti Moshokoa, Anjan Biswas
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Highly-efficient three-port output by metal-mirror-based grating
Hongtao Li, Bo Wang, Wenhao Shu, Li Chen, Liang Lei, Jinyun Zhou
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Laser-based multichannel fiber optic sensor for multipoint detection of corrosion
Razieh Shahpir, Saeed Ghavami Sabouri, Alireza Khorsandi
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Spectrally tunable light source based on light-emitting diodes for custom lighting solutions
Francisco J. Burgos-Fernández, Meritxell Vilaseca, Esther Perales, Jorge A. Herrera-Ramírez, Francisco M. Martínez-Verdú, Jaume Pujol
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Special optical communication filter based on Thue–Morse photonic crystal structure
Hamed Alipour-Banaei, Somaye Serajmohammadi, Farhad Mehdizadeh, Mahdi Hassangholizadeh-Kashtiban
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Pseudo-phase mapping of speckle fields using 2D Hilbert transformation
C.Yu. Zenkova, M.P. Gorsky, P.A. Ryabiy
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