Vol.44 (2014), No. 4

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Signal-to-noise analysis in a counter-pumped fiber Raman amplifier
Georgii Felinskyi, Mykhailo Dyriv
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Visual acuity with computer simulated and lens-induced astigmatism
Laura Remón, Josefa Benlloch, Amparo Pons, Juan A. Monsoriu, Walter D. Furlan
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Coloring of radiation scattered by polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Peter Maksimyak, Andrey Maksimyak, Andrey Nehrych
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Laser interference patterning of diamond-like carbon layers for directed migration and growth of smooth muscle cell depositions
Jan Marczak, Jan Kusinski, Roman Major, Antoni Rycyk, Antoni Sarzynski, Marek Strzelec, Krzysztof Czyz
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Model of line-of-sight ultraviolet propagation
Bifeng Li, Hongxing Wang, Zhongyang Mao, Zhenlong Dong, Xiong Zhang
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Ultraviolet filters for sensors matching biological action spectra
Denis Garoli, Mauro Alaibac, Maria-Guglielmina Pelizzo
pp. 611-620 View PDF file 938.2 kB   
Photonic band gap in negative ternary refractive indices of two-dimensional photonic crystal
Abdolrasoul Gharaati, Leila Mohamadebrahimi, Zahra Roozitalab
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