Vol.44 (2014), No. 3

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Fluctuations in settling velocity of red blood cell aggregates
Adam Kempczynski, Maciej Bosek, Bronislaw Grzegorzewski
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Nonlinear-optical refraction of silver nanoparticle composites
Roman Gamernyk, Mykola Periv, Serhiy Malynych
pp. 389-398 View PDF file 450.3 kB   
Optical solitons in birefringent fibers with parabolic law nonlinearity
Qin Zhou, Qiuping Zhu, Anjan Biswas
pp. 399-409 View PDF file 185.0 kB   
Optical generation of ultra-wideband signals with a reconfigurable spectral notch-band
Peng Xiang, Yinfang Chen, Dalei Chen, Jiyong Zhao
pp. 411-419 View PDF file 347.6 kB   
Theoretical analysis of a hollow laser beam transmitting in an off-axis Cassegrain optical antenna system
Congwei Mi, Ping Jiang, Huajun Yang, Shasha Ke, Bo Li, Jianhua Liu
pp. 421-431 View PDF file 1.1 MB   
Deflectometry for phase retrieval using a composite fringe
Tongchuan Liu, Canlin Zhou, Yepeng Liu, Shuchun Si, Zhenkun Lei
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Luminescence of hydrothermally fabricated PbF2:Er3+ particles and their application in bifacial silicon solar cells
Fang Yang, Chenyang Wu, Xiuli Hao, Yongsheng Chen, Jingxiao Lu, Shi-e Yang
pp. 463-473 View PDF file 879.0 kB   

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