Vol.44 (2014), No. 2

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Noninvasive monitoring with strongly absorbed light
M.P. McEwen, K.J. Reynolds
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A photoplethysmographic imaging system with supplementary capabilities
Francisco Corral, Gonzalo Paez, Marija Strojnik
pp. 191-204 View PDF file 366.4 kB   
A statistical criterion to establish normal ranges for age in a contrast sensitivity function test
Javier E. Santillan, Luis A. Issolio, Elisa M. Colombo
pp. 213-225 View PDF file 308.0 kB   
Visual parameters of Polish special schools students
Hanna Buczkowska, Bogdan Miskowiak
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Visual attention pooling and understanding the structural similarity index in multi-scale analysis
Boban P. Bondzulic, Vladimir S. Petrovic, Srdjan T. Mitrovic, Boban Z. Pavlovic, Milenko S. Andric
pp. 267-283 View PDF file 1.9 MB   
Fast near-infrared palmprint recognition using nonnegative matrix factorization extreme learning machine
Xu Xuebin, Zhang Xinman, Lu Longbin, Deng Wanyu, Zuo Kunlong
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Fiber Bragg grating-based high temperature sensor and its low cost interrogation system with enhanced resolution
Venkata Reddy Mamidi, Srimannarayana Kamineni, L.N. Sai Prasad Ravinuthala, Sai Shankar Madhuvarasu, Venkatappa Rao Thumu, Vengal Rao Pachava, Kishore Putha
pp. 299-308 View PDF file 928.2 kB   
Colloidal crystal cladded microfiber for refractive index sensing
Hai-Tao Yan, Xiao-Yan Zhao, Chao Zhang, Zhi-Qiang Zhen, Qiu-Ze Li, Jing-Xiao Cao, Li-Xin Xia
pp. 309-315 View PDF file 271.0 kB   
Simulation of optical spectra of novel Tl4CdI6 and Tl4HgI6 optoelectronic crystals
V. Franiv, O. Bovgyra, O. Kushnir, A. Franiv, K.J. Plucinski
pp. 317-326 View PDF file 233.6 kB   
Infrared studies and spectral properties of photochromic high silica glasses
Marina A. Girsova, Galina F. Golovina, Irina A. Drozdova, Irina G. Polyakova, Tatiana V. Antropova
pp. 337-344 View PDF file 502.5 kB   
Dye-sensitized solar cells using some organic dyes as photosensitizers
Taher M. El-Agez, Sofyan A. Taya, Kamal S. Elrefi, Monzir S. Abdel-Latif
pp. 345-351 View PDF file 189.1 kB   

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