Vol.43 (2013), No. 4

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Selective infrared absorption and refraction of symmetrical two-layered molecular nanofilms
Dragana Rodic, Blanka Skipina, Svetlana S. Pelemis, Stevo K. Jacimovski, Jovan P. Setrajcic
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Engineering the optical and mechanical properties exhibited by a titanium dioxide thin film with gold nanoparticles
Samuel Morales-Bonilla, Carlos Torres-Torres, Martin Trejo-Valdez, David Torres-Torres, Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Sosa, Luis-Hector Hernandez-Gomez, Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderon
pp. 651-661 View PDF file 811.8 kB   
Quantum-inspired particle swarm optimization algorithm with performance evaluation of fused images
Zhang Le, Zhang Xinman, Xu Xuebin, Wang Dong, Liu Jie, Liu Yang
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Optical gradient force of cosh-Gaussian with sine-azimuthal and half-space phase modulation
Rui Fu, Xiumin Gao, Haibin Shen, Qing Xin, Xinmiao Lu, Lingwei Guo
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A method for probing the refractive index change in photorefractive crystals
Min Fu, Chengyong Gao, Xu’an Wang, Yuankai Cui, Shuwei Dai
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Spectral analysis by a video camera in a holographic optical tweezers setup
Slawomir Drobczynski, Kamila Dus-Szachniewicz, Krzysztof Symonowicz, Daria Glogocka
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Determination of the optode array representation using optical properties at systole and diastole
Nur Anida Jumadi, Gan Kok Beng, Mohd Alauddin Mohd Ali, Edmond Zahedi
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Modelling of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser beam collimation using a nanostructured gradient index microlens
Jedrzej M. Nowosielski, Andrew J. Waddie, Mohammad R. Taghizadeh, Ryszard Buczynski
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Fiber optic fused 1×2 coupler as a vibration sensor
Putha Kishore, Dantala Dinakar, Kamineni Srimannarayana, Pachava Vengal Rao
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Dispersion properties of anisotropic-metamaterial
slab waveguide structure
Sofyan A. Taya, Khitam Y. Elwasife, Hani M. Kullab
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