Vol.43 (2013), No. 3

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Mobile phone as a fluorescence reader
Hesam Shahin, Rafal Walczak
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Evaluation of road signs using radiometric and geometric data from terrestrial LiDAR
Higinio Gonzalez-Jorge, Belen Riveiro, Julia Armesto, Pedro Arias
pp. 421-433 View PDF file 817.4 kB   
Long range measurements using a contactless low cost optical sensor
Paulo C.L. Krelling, Higinio Gonzalez-Jorge, Julia Armesto, Pedro Arias
pp. 435-440 View PDF file 773.8 kB   
Electromagnetically induced transparency in systems with degenerate autoionizing levels in Λ-configuration
Thuan Bui Dinh, Wieslaw Leonski, Van Cao Long, Jan Perina Jr.
pp. 471-484 View PDF file 2.6 MB   
Dispersion-compensating en/decoder for a time-spreading/wavelength-hopping optical code-division multiplexing (OCDM) system
Jilin Zheng, Rong Wang, Tao Pu, Lin Lu, Tao Fang, Yang Su, Ling Li, Qian Yang, Xiangfei Chen
pp. 485-495 View PDF file 1017.0 kB   
On the spectral efficiency of incoherent optical MIMO systems
Jerzy Siuzdak, Marcin Kowalczyk
pp. 497-503 View PDF file 246.1 kB   
Phase features of several typical blood cells and their identification without unwrapping
Yawei Wang, Yujiao Chen, Cuihong Lü, Xuefu Shang, Yuanyuan Xu, Hui Wu, Xinglong Zhu, Weifeng Jin
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An improved algorithm for feature extraction from a fingerprint fuzzy image
Kamil Surmacz, Khalid Saeed, Piotr Rapta
pp. 515-527 View PDF file 1.9 MB   
Improved Roberts focusing evaluation method for an autofocusing system
Aijun Yin, Zongxian Dai, Benqian Chen, Kongjing Li
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Does home-based vision therapy affect symptoms in young adults with convergence insufficiency?
Pawel Nawrot, Krzysztof Piotr Michalak, Anna Przekoracka-Krawczyk
pp. 551-566 View PDF file 238.3 kB   
Focus shaping of the radially polarized Bessel–Gauss beam with a sine-azimuthal variation wavefront
Xiumin Gao, Dawei Zhang, Ting Mei, Rui Fu, Songlin Zhuang
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Low atmospheric density measurement based on Rayleigh scattering of an ultraviolet laser
Ran Wang, Jianquan Yao, Kai Zhong, Yinping Miao, Haixia Cui, Xiaolei Zhao, Yueyang Miao, Chengguo Zhang
pp. 597-605 View PDF file 393.9 kB   
Binary-phase metal-based sandwiched grating with high efficiency
Bo Wang, Li Chen, Liang Lei, Jinyun Zhou
pp. 607-613 View PDF file 562.3 kB   

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