Vol.42 (2012), No. 3

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Optical soliton perturbation with log law nonlinearity
Laila Girgis, Daniela Milovic, Tasawar Hayat, Omar M. Aldossary, Anjan Biswas
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One approximation to multiple beam amplification in negative Kerr-type media
Francisco Marroquin, Alejandro Apolinar-Iribe
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Focus shaping of Bessel–Gauss beam with radial varying polarization
Xiumin Gao, Rui Fu, Haibin Shen, Xiangmei Dong, Tao Geng, Songlin Zhuang
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Application of fiber Bragg gratings for strain measurement in historic textiles and paintings on canvas
Witold Zawadzki, Marcin Bartosik, Krzysztof Dzierzega, Lukasz Bratasz, Michal Lukomski, Elizabeth Peacock
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Development of single-filter Doppler signal discrimination method for incoherent Doppler lidar system
Sungchul Choi, Sunghoon Baik, Seungkyu Park, Imkang Song, Dukhyeon Kim, Jinman Jung
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Description of a ray trace algorithm for the evaluation of pump power absorption in double-clad fibers
Roberto Narro-Garcia, Eugenio Rodriguez, Luis Ponce, Eduardo De Posada, Teresa Flores, Miguel Arronte
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Study of the pump absorption efficiency in D-shaped double clad optical fiber
Roberto Narro-Garcia, Miguel Arronte, Jesus Guerrero-Contreras, Eugenio Rodriguez
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Study on power efficiency of vortex beam propagation through an optical system with phase optimization
Huiyun Wu, Shen Sheng, Zhisong Huang, Hua Wang, Siqing Zhao, Xiegu Xu, Zhenhai Sun, Rui Xiao
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Modeling of a high performance Mach–Zehnder interferometer all optical switch
Ghanshyam Singh, Vijay Janyani, R.P. Yadav
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Reconstruction of silver halide volume reflection holograms at the wavelengths of recording
Branimir Ivanov, Mariana Shopova, Elena Stoykova, Ventseslav Sainov
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Ellipsometric investigation of CdTe films
Anna Evmenova, Volodymyr Odarych, Mykola Vuichyk
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