Vol.41 (2011), No. 4

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Multichannel comb filter based on linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating and DC phase shift
Guodan Sun, Rong Wang, Tao Pu, Hongbo Wang, Zhihu Wei
pp. 791-797 View PDF file 295.4 kB   
Optical transmission property of electro-optic dye-doped polymer waveguide
Khaled Shaktur, Mohammad Ab Rahman, Rahmah Mohammad
pp. 799-806 View PDF file 827.7 kB   
Asymmetric Y-branch plastic optical fiber coupler
Abang Annuar Ehsan, Sahbudin Shaari
pp. 807-816 View PDF file 336.2 kB   
Acoustic frequency dependence of transmission characteristics in fiber acoustic gratings
Hao Zhang, Bo Liu, Junhao Tao, Hongguang Dong, Tieyan Guo, Meng Zhang
pp. 817-823 View PDF file 89.2 kB   
Super-resolution reconstruction for underwater imaging
Yuzhang Chen, Wei Li, Min Xia, Qing Li, Kecheng Yang
pp. 841-853 View PDF file 152.7 kB   
A new spherical aberration coefficient C4 for the Gaussian laser beam
Abdelhalim Bencheikh, Mouhamed Bouafia, Kouider Ferria
pp. 855-861 View PDF file 577.8 kB   
Optimized pattern design of light-guide plate (LGP)
Young Chul Kim, Tae-Sik Oh, Yong Min Lee
pp. 863-872 View PDF file 227.9 kB   
A study of propagation of cosh-squared-Gaussian beam through fractional Fourier transform systems
Somaye Sadat Hashemi, Saeed Ghavami Sabouri, Mahmood Soltanolkotabi
pp. 897-909 View PDF file 372.8 kB   
Surface plasmon resonance sensor based on photonic crystal fiber filled with silver nanowires
Xiangyong Fu, Ying Lu, Xiaohui Huang, Congjing Hao, Baoqun Wu, Jianquan Yao
pp. 941-951 View PDF file 217.1 kB   
Relative intensity noise study in two mode quantum dot laser
Ashkan Horri, Seyedeh Zahra Mirmoeini, Rahim Faez
pp. 961-970 View PDF file 116.6 kB   
XUV and soft X-ray laser radiation from nickel-like lanthanide
Wessameldin S. Abdelaziz, Hamed Mahmoud Hamed, Azza Abdel Hakim Farrag
pp. 971-978 View PDF file 216.8 kB   
Optical properties of SiO2/TiO2 thin layers prepared by sol–gel method
Marek Nocun, Slawomir Kwasny, Joanna Zontek
pp. 979-987 View PDF file 369.3 kB   

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