Vol.41 (2011), No. 1

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Acousto-optic method for liquids refractometry
Kouider Ferria, Naamane Laouar, Noureddine Bouaouadja
pp. 109-119 View PDF file 636.5 kB   
All-optical 4-bit parity checker design
Vikrant K. Srivastava, Vishnu Priye
pp. 157-164 View PDF file 175.8 kB   
Comparison of wavelet, Gabor and curvelet transform for face recognition
Jiulong Zhang, Yinghui Wang, Zhiyu Zhang, Chunli Xia
pp. 183-193 View PDF file 684.2 kB   
Optical and electrical characterization of reverse bias luminescence in InGaN light emitting diodes
Hsiang Chen, Chyuan-Haur Kao, Tien-Chang Lu, Shih-Chang Shei
pp. 195-205 View PDF file 905.0 kB   
Absorption characteristics of Disperse Blue 1/dioxane solutions
Bassam Abbas, Mohammad Alshikh Khalil
pp. 207-216 View PDF file 294.4 kB   
Up-conversion fluorescence dynamics in Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped tellurite glasses
Abdelfatteh Cherif, Abdelaziz Kanoun, Hassen Maaref
pp. 235-245 View PDF file 241.4 kB   
Numerical study on thermal stress cutting of silicon wafer using two-point pulsed laser
Jian Liu, Jian Lu, Xiaowu Ni, Gang Dai, Liang Zhang, Yanbei Chen
pp. 247-255 View PDF file 660.7 kB   
Determination of optical constants and thickness of amorphous GaP thin film
Nuwat Pimpabute, Thanusit Burinprakhon, Weerasak Somkhunthot
pp. 257-268 View PDF file 278.7 kB   

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