Vol.40 (2010), No. 4

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Ti-doped In2O3 transparent conductive thin films with high transmittance and low resistivity
Zhenyu Song, Qiang Fu, Lei Li, Li Li, Yupeng An, Yiding Wang
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The principle of multilayer plane-parallel structure antireflection
Petro Kosoboutskyy, Mar’yana Karkulovska, Alla Morgulis
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Studies of polymer surface topography by means of optical profilometry
Janusz Jaglarz, Jerzy Sanetra, Jan Cisowski
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Performance analysis of 3G-UMTS WDM-RoF links
Carlos Almeida, Mario Lima, Antonio Teixeira
pp. 773-789 View PDF file 955.1 kB   
Influence of Fourier spatial filtering on multimode fiber bandwidth
Grzegorz Stepniak, Lukasz Maksymiuk, Jerzy Siuzdak
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A geometry and optical property inspection system for automotive glass based on fringe patterns
Jing Xu, Ning Xi, Chi Zhang, Quan Shi, John Gregory
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Simulation and design of a wideband T-shaped photonic crystal splitter
Shaghayegh Foghani, Hassan Kaatuzian, Mohammad Danaie
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Surface plasmon resonance sensor with a magneto-optical structure
Jaromir Pistora, Michal Lesnak, Ondrej Vlasin, Michal Cada
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Acoustic mapping of the back-scattering interferometer signal in a CO2 laser
Dorota A. Wojaczek, Pawel Chodorowski, Andrzej B. Dobrucki, Jerzy S. Witkowski, Edward F. Plinski
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Gamma-ray irradiation effects on dynamic gain of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Jau-Ji Jou, Cheng-Kuang Liu, Fu-Shun Lai
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A study on temperature characteristics of green silicon photodetector
Fu Xiansong, Yao Suying, Zheng Yunguang, Yan Yang, Ge Tao, De Maolin
pp. 935-941 View PDF file 216.1 kB   
High focusing of radially polarized Bessel-modulated Gaussian beam
Xiumin Gao, Mingyu Gao, Song Hu, Hanming Guo, Jian Wang, Songlin Zhuang
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Noise reduction for digital holograms in a discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain
Hyun-Jun Choi, Young-Ho Seo, Dong-Wook Kim
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Laser induced phenomena in γ-glycine crystals
Artur Wojciechowski, Naser Alzayed, Iwan Kityk, Janusz Berdowski, Zbigniew Tylczynski
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