Vol.39 (2009), No. 2

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Bandwidth analysis of multimode fiber passive optical networks (PONs)
Grzegorz Stepniak, Lukasz Maksymiuk, Jerzy Siuzdak
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Influence of space charged particles on satellite optical communication system
Rui Hou, Shanghong Zhao, Jie Xu, Jili Wu, Yongjun Li, Shengbao Zhan, Lei Shi, Shaoqiang Fang
pp. 251-265 View PDF file 312.7 kB   
Light propagation in thermally expanded core fibers with graded-index
Milan S. Kovacevic, Alexandar Djordjevich, Dragoslav Nikezic
pp. 267-276 View PDF file 243.7 kB   
Multi-stage ring resonator all-pass filters for dispersion compensation
Chinda Chaichuay, Preecha P. Yupapin, Prajak Saeung
pp. 277-286 View PDF file 214.6 kB   
Low cost incoherent pump solution for Raman fiber amplifier
Ana M. Rocha, Berta Neto, Margarida Facao, Paulo S. Andre
pp. 287-293 View PDF file 171.4 kB   
A 60° photonic crystal waveguide bend with improved transmission characteristics
Malihe Khatibi Moghaddam, Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi, Amir Reza Attari
pp. 307-317 View PDF file 317.4 kB   
An image fusion algorithm based on polyharmonic local sine transform (PHLST)
Liu Shangzheng, Han Jiuqiang, Bowen Liu, Zhang Xinman
pp. 347-356 View PDF file 331.3 kB   
The feedback stability research of HDRI system
Zhebo Chen, Chen Shen, Jin Xu, Xuxiang Ni, Zukang Lu
pp. 357-363 View PDF file 155.2 kB   
Efficient iris segmentation method with support vector domain description
Rongnian Tang, Jiuqiang Han, Xinman Zhang
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Red-emitting LiEuW2O8 phosphor for white emitting diodes prepared by sol–gel process
Kyu-Seog Hwang, Young-Sun Jeon, Seung Hwangbo, Jin-Tae Kim
pp. 375-382 View PDF file 172.8 kB   
Integrated design for large-scale opto-mechanical structure
Anhu Li, Yongming Bian, Yongcheng Liang, Yongjian Zhu
pp. 383-389 View PDF file 272.5 kB   
What characteristics a clinical CSF system has to have?
Elisa Colombo, Luis Issolio, Javier Santillan, Rolando Aguirre
pp. 415-428 View PDF file 251.5 kB   

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