Vol.38 (2008), No. 2

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Ray tracing method in a 3D analysis of fiber-optic elements
J.S. Witkowski, A. Grobelny
pp. 281-294 View PDF file 489.9 kB   
Effect of bending on transmission characteristics of polymeric arrayed waveguide grating multiplexers
Zheng-Kun Qin, Chun-Sheng Ma, De-Lu Li, Han Li, Da-Ming Zhang, Shi-Yong Liu
pp. 315-327 View PDF file 360.4 kB   
Carbon dioxide detection using NIR diode laser based wavelength modulation photoacoustic spectroscopy
Jingsong Li, Kun Liu, WeiJun Zhang, Weidong Chen, Xiaoming Gao
pp. 341-352 View PDF file 130.0 kB   
Using a halogen lamp to calibrate an optical system for UV-VIS radiation detection
Cristina Yubero, M. Carmen Garcia, M. Dolores Calzada
pp. 353-363 View PDF file 181.8 kB   
Net emission coefficients of low temperature thermal iron-helium plasma
Tomasz Moscicki, Jacek Hoffman, Zygmunt Szymanski
pp. 365-373 View PDF file 285.4 kB   
Evaluation of fluorescence images acquired from oligonucleotide libraries
Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak, Michal Boltrukiewicz, Joanna Parzych
pp. 375-386 View PDF file 353.3 kB   
Linewidth control by overexposure in laser lithography
Liang Yiyong, Yang Guoguang
pp. 399-404 View PDF file 102.8 kB   
Interference coloring of regularly scattered white light
Oleg V. Angelsky, Halina V. Bogatyryova, Peter V. Polyanskii
pp. 431-444 View PDF file 123.8 kB   
Thermal parameters of solids determination by the photodeflection method – theories and experiment comparison
Dorota Korte Kobylinska, Roman J. Bukowski, Jerzy Bodzenta, Stanislaw Kochowski
pp. 445-458 View PDF file 211.9 kB   
Coherent combination of laser radiations and fringe contrast ratios on far field patterns
Ruhai Dou, Xiumei Shi, Nianchun Sun, Jianguo Chen
pp. 459-468 View PDF file 142.4 kB   
Time-frequency analysis of spontaneous fluctuation of the pupil size of the human eye
Wioletta Nowak, Andrzej Hachol, Henryk Kasprzak
pp. 469-480 View PDF file 516.8 kB   
Eye-controlled virtual keyboard using a new coordinate transformation of long and narrow region
Chern-Sheng Lin, Chia-Hau Lin, Yun-Long Lay, Mau-Shiun Yeh, Hsing-Cheng Chang
pp. 481-489 View PDF file 196.9 kB   

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