Vol.37 (2007), No. 3

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Examination of air density fluctuations with the aid of laser beam
Katarzyna Klemm, Krzysztof Pieszynski, Kazimierz Rozniakowski
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Single particle analysis of soil dust by aerosol time-of-flight laser mass spectrometry
Xiao-Yong Guo, Wen-Wu Zhao, Ming-Qiang Huang, Hai-Yang Zheng, Li Fang, Wei-Jun Zhang
pp. 229-235 View PDF file 205.8 kB   
Investigation of strained InGaAs layers on GaAs substrate
Agata Jasik, Jerzy Sass, Krystyna Mazur, Marek Wesolowski
pp. 237-242 View PDF file 1.1 MB   
Soliton pairing of two coaxially co-propagating mutually incoherent 1-D beams in Kerr type media
Sarang Medhekar, Ram Krishna Sarkar, Punya Prasanna Paltani
pp. 243-259 View PDF file 1005.2 kB   
The behavior of the Poynting vector in the area of elementary polarization singularities
I. Mokhun, R. Khrobatin, A. Mokhun, Ju. Viktorovskaya
pp. 261-277 View PDF file 1.8 MB   
An effective iris location method with high robustness
Rongnian Tang, Jiuqiang Han, Xinman Zhang
pp. 295-303 View PDF file 895.8 kB   
Design of athermal arrayed waveguide grating using silica/polymer hybrid materials
De-Lu Li, Chun-Sheng Ma, Zheng-Kun Qin, Hai-Ming Zhang, Da-Ming Zhang, Shi-Yong Liu
pp. 305-312 View PDF file 231.9 kB   
Web camera-enabled material research: an acoustooptic example
G. Alexieva, I. Traykov, V. Strashilov
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