Vol.34 (2004), No. 4

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Bragg’s grating coupler in planar optical sol-gel waveguides
Tadeusz Pustelny, Iwona Zielonka, Pawel Karasinski, Jan Jurusik
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Special optical fiber type D applied in optical sensor of electric currents
Tadeusz Pustelny, Kamil Barczak, Kazimierz Gut, Jan Wojcik
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Polarization mode dispersion in birefringent microstructured fibers
Tomasz R. Wolinski, Piotr Lesiak, Katarzyna Szaniawska, Andrzej W. Domanski, Jan Wojcik
pp. 541-549 View PDF file 211.8 kB   
Optical investigations concerning layered metalphthalocyanine nanostructures affected by NO2
Tadeusz Pustelny, Jolanta Ignac-Nowicka, Bozena Jarzabek, Anna Burian
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Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy of carbon dioxide using a DFB diode laser and a swept optical cavity
PeiShiXin, GaoXiaoMing, CuiFenPing, HuangWei, ShaoJie, YangYong, ZhangWeiJun
pp. 589-595 View PDF file 127.9 kB   
Stabilization of diode-laser frequency to atomic transitions
Wojciech Gawlik, Jerzy Zachorowski
pp. 607-618 View PDF file 485.5 kB   
System for measurement of the consensual pupil light reflex
Wioletta Szczepanowska-Nowak, Andrzej Hachol, Henryk Kasprzak
pp. 619-634 View PDF file 763.9 kB   
Fourier transform holographic storage
Andrzej Andruchow
pp. 635-645 View PDF file 407.1 kB   
Method for measuring optical parameters in weakly absorbing turbid media
Zuomin Zhao, Matti Tormanen, Risto Myllyla
pp. 647-656 View PDF file 81.3 kB   

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