Optica Applicata 2012(Vol.42), No.2, pp. 271-280

Neutron diffraction study of porous glasses structure
Alexander Naberezhnov, Tatiana Antropova, Ilya Glavatsky, Maksim Seregin, Irina Drozdova

porous borosilicate glass, neutron diffraction, nanoparticles

Microscopic structure of three types of porous glasses with the average pore diameter of 5, 7 and 140 nm obtained by chemical etching was studied by neutron diffraction. The analysis of diffraction patterns has shown that in these glasses, besides an amorphous phase forming a weakly structured background, there are microscopic crystalline inclusions of sassolite with a diffraction size of 26±3 nm and of α-quartz with a characteristic size of 6±1 nm. Microcrystalline inclusions sizes do not depend on the average pore size diameter. It is shown that in these samples a tridymite phase does not make a significant contribution to observed scattering and a relative sassolite contribution decreases substantially with the average pore size increasing from 5 to 140 nm.

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