Optica Applicata 2012(Vol.42), No.2, pp. 245-254

Leached phase-separated porous glasses as support material in liquid phase heterogeneous catalysis – a short review
Thomas Gallert, Achim Stolle, Bernd Ondruschka

chemoselectivity, citral, cross-coupling, hydrogenation, microwave heating

Leached phase-separated porous glasses are interesting support materials for heterogeneous catalysts utilized for cross-coupling reactions and hydrogenation reactions in the liquid phase. The option to construct tailor-made porous structures and shapes of the particles results in materials with interesting properties for catalysis, such as narrow pore size distribution or specific surface area. Loading of porous glasses with various metals by the wet-impregnation technique leads to active catalysts for widespread applications in organic synthesis. This article reviews the application of porous glass-based catalysts for the construction of new C–C bonds as well as for chemoselective hydrogenation under microwave-assisted or classical heating conditions.

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