Optica Applicata 2004(Vol.34), No.1, pp. 111-120

Measurement of contrast sensitivity function in laser light
Katarzyna Sarnowska-Habrat, Boguslawa Dubik, Marek Zajac

vision quality, contrast sensitivity function, laser light

Visual quality depends on many factors of different nature and therefore it is not easy to define it. Different measures are used to describe vision quality, such as: two-point resolution, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity function (CSF), etc. We concentrate especially on CSF. There are two important factors affecting the character of CSF. One of them is connected with the optical transfer function (OTF) of the eye and the second one with the retinal response. Typically, CSF is measured in incoherent light. Due to the dependence of CSF on both mentioned above factors simultaneously it is impossible to extract the information on the eye optical system only. Typically, CSF is measured in spatially and temporarily incoherent light. We hope that additional information offered by CSF measurement in quasi-monochromatic and spatially partially coherent light can help to solve this problem.

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