Optica Applicata 2017(Vol.47), No.2, pp. 325-335

Intrinsic linewidth calculation in an argon X-ray laser based on the model of geometrically dependent gain coefficient
A. Hariri, S. Sarikhani

Ar X-ray laser, intrinsic linewidth, ASE

By introducing differential amplified spontaneous emission intensity, numerical calculations for both homogeneously and Doppler broadened lines, and using the reported experimental measurements of the amplified spontaneous emission intensity and linewidth, we managed to explain the linewidth behavior, and calculate the intrinsic linewidth due to Voigt-profile width in an argon X-ray laser operating at 440 × 10–3 torr argon pressure and current of 21 kA. For the calculation, the intensity rate equation, along with the model of geometrically dependent gain coefficient were applied. The calculated value of the intrinsic linewidth was found to be 55.67 mÅ, which is very close to the Doppler broadened line of 53.52 mÅ. That is, the collision broadening has a very small contribution to the light-matter interaction in argon X-ray lasers. Details of the procedure used for the calculation will be presented in this paper.

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