Optica Applicata 2017(Vol.47), No.2, pp. 245-256

Compressive optical image encryption using phase-shifting interferometry on a joint transform correlator
Jun Li, Bangwen Jia, Xiaofang Dai, Miao Lei, Chanxia Yang, Jiaosheng Li, Hongbing Li, Rong Li

fully optical system, holographic interferometry, joint transform correlator (JTC), binary scrambling method, inverse problems

A compressive optical image encryption method, which combines compressive sensing with phase-shifting interferometry on a joint transform correlator, is proposed in the fully optical domain. The object image is first permutated using a binary scrambling method. Next, the permutated object field is encrypted and registered as the holograms by phase-shifting interferometry on the joint transform correlator setup. Then, the encrypted images and the key are compressed to the compressed data using single-pixel compressive imaging. The original image can be reconstructed and decrypted using the specified algorithm. The simulations demonstrate that the method is effective and suitable for image security transmission.

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