Optica Applicata 2017(Vol.47), No.2, pp. 233-243

Fully-phase optical image encryption in diffractive-imaging scheme with QR-code-based random illumination
Zhipeng Wang, Yingying Zhang, Qiong Gong, Shuyi Li, Yi Qin

optical encryption, diffractive imaging, fully phase, phase retrieval algorithm

Based on a fully phase encoding and phase retrieval algorithm, a diffractive-imaging-based optical encryption scheme with random illumination is proposed. In the encryption process, a QR code image is placed in the optic path to modulate the incident light and thus generate a random illumination, which has been demonstrated to enable the proposed scheme to resist the multi-slice ptychographic phase retrieval algorithm attack. The plaintext is phase-encoded, and then encrypted by two random phase masks. The diffraction pattern in the output plane is recorded as ciphertext by a CCD camera. For decryption, an iterative phase retrieval algorithm with median filtering operation is implemented. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness, security, and robustness of the proposal.

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