Optica Applicata 2017(Vol.47), No.2, pp. 209-223

Digital volume correlation in an environment with intensive salt-and-pepper noise and strong monotonic nonlinear distortion of light intensity
Peihan Tu, Yulei Bai, Weichao Xu, Bo Dong, Shuangli Ye, Qiyu Yang, Yanzhou Zhou

digital volume correlation, correlation function, salt-and-pepper noise, nonlinear effects

Digital volume correlation is an image-based technique for internal 3D displacement and strain fields measurement or analysis widely used in the field of experimental mechanics. A widely used correlation function (criterion) of digital volume correlation is Pearson correlation function, which suffers from the problem of the acquired data being contaminated by salt-and-pepper noise and monotonic nonlinear distortion of the light intensity. In this work, a 3D correlation function called the Spearman correlation function is used to deal with those interferences. A numerical experiment shows that the performance of Spearman correlation function using integer-pixel registration in an environment with 10% salt-and-pepper noise is better than that of Spearman and Pearson correlation functions using sub-pixel registration in an environment with 1% salt-and-pepper noise. As the light intensity distortion is significant, the error of Pearson correlation function is considerable; meanwhile, the error of Spearman correlation function is small. In conclusion, Spearman correlation function is, in particular, practical and useful in digital volume correlation.

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