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Meetings with Physics - 2012/2013 Winter edition

Lectures schedule

Schools have an opportunity to order one or more lectures as well as laboratory classes based on agreement between a School and PWR Development Foundation. Classes ordering takes place before cycle of Meetings with Physics begins which is September of current year. A condition for classes to be launched is application of a respective amount of participants.

Pupils are also offered meetings with scientists in their specialized laboratories in our Institute. Those are not cyclic and are organized beyond the schedules mentioned above. Details of such meetings should be agreed individually.

Please apply for meetings by e-mail spotkaniazfizyka@pwr.edu.pl.
Costs of ordered lectures and laboratory classes as well as meetings schedule in specialized workrooms are to be agreed between ordering side and Maciej Muszyński, representative of Institute of Physics.

You are kindly asked to send your questions, remarks and applications at e-mail address: spotkaniazfizyka@pwr.edu.pl.
Additional information is available by phone numbers: Maciej Muszyński – phone no. 71 320 20 02, Piotr Kurzynowski – phone no. 71 320 30 90

We kindly invite you to participate in this initiative.